"Excessive" RAM usage

Well, i don’t really know why it uses that much ram, that’s the reason i used quotes, but anyway, the other game proccess are using way too much if i compare it to the single player and the original multiplayer.

There’s a screenshot of the process list (on server browser): http://prntscr.com/dqk20b

Ingame the first one using 2gb takes up to 5gb (i supposed it’s the main proccess, so it’s fine), then another one use up to 400mb and 1 or 2 use at least 300, and the others use from 100mb to 200mb. Seriously, i don’t get how it use that much ram, have u guys splited the game processing engine in multiple proccess or something like that ? Anyway, i don’t know if it’s a memory leak that’s happening only to me or for a few people, so i posted it here, and not the suggestions forum, but if it’s normal, take the ram usage optimization as a suggestion :smiley:

Anyway, just would like to say, besides that ram problem, the mod is running just fine so far, just a few little things that i should search about before complaining XD

Btw, sorry for my grammar.

Thats weird… i have less usage in Server Browser :confused:

I got some update today, dunno about you