Evolve RP [18+] | Serious RP | Los Santos & Cayo Perico | [UK/EU/US/AUS]

its not letting me join can anyone help please

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Full Time Staff and Development Team

Evolve RP V2 is a professionally run FiveM server with a fulltime staff and development team. Our friendly 24/7 support staff will help you along the way with questions or concerns. New players are welcome in Evolve RP. We also have designers on staff and offer custom cars, clothing skins, hairstyles unique to Evolve. Our development team is very active pushing multiple updates and patches per week integrating fun and custom jobs and scripts for the city. Evolve listens to the community and evolves around what the players want.

We host frequent community meetings where everyone is allowed to have a voice. We believe this leads to a happy, healthy community.

Server IP: (F8 Connect)
Discord http://Discord.gg/evolverp
Twitter https://twitter.com/RPevolve


We use team speak and sa1ty chat plugin for voice in-game, please look at the discord channel #voice in-game at the top of discord for instructions.

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