Evolve RP [18+] | Serious RP | Los Santos & Cayo Perico | [UK/EU/US/AUS]

Untitled design (8) Server IP: (F8 Connect)
Untitled design (8)Discord http://Discord.gg/evolverp
Untitled design (8)Twitter https://twitter.com/RPevolve

Untitled design (8)Evolve RP is a premier professionally developed FiveM server for those looking for a friendly community and serious role play. For over a year, EvolveRP has been a place for people to gather and engage in serious and mature role-play situations, make new friends, and build their own empire. Join us in discord to see what we are all about. Welcome to Evolve RP !

Untitled design (8) Player Run Economy
Evolve Features a player-run economy with player shops, crafting and a full oil economy system with a player-owned refinery, oil fields, and gas stations. This integrates with our trucking jobs. If players don’t work the city doesn’t drive! Citizens stand to earn a fortune by buying gas for their stations and selling it.

Untitled design (8) Whitelisted Jobs
We have tons of whitelisted jobs with professionally run departments including Police, Sheriff, Mechanics, EMS, Judges, Lawyers and others. Each of these departments is professionally structured for those wanting serious LEO/Medical Roleplay. Start your training, work hard, and rise through the ranks.

Untitled design (8) Illegal Activities
Selling drugs, Street racing, Gang activities, Evolve RP features tons of ways to delve into the criminal underworld. Join an established street gang or start your own. Work your way up and earn access to the black market where you will have access to illegal shipments and black-market goods. Or if you prefer to work alone, you can craft weapons, rob houses, rob banks or shops, grow weed, whatever suits your fancy. Welcome to the dark underbelly of EvolveRP will you rise to the top?

Untitled design (8) The Working Man
There are also plenty of ways to make money if you prefer to keep a clean record. For the working class, we have tons of logistic jobs including an advanced trucking company. Build up your company, buy better trucks and earn licenses for larger, more valuable or hazardous waste loads. Hire employees to work and earn passive income.
We have an advanced fishing simulation with depths, hooks, baits, lures if you fancy yourself more of an outdoorsman, We also have player-run shops for the business type, Start a job in the Legal system as a lawyer or judge. Once you have earned that fancy sports car make some money on the side driving uber. We also have tons of jobs for those just starting out like packing chickens, milking cows and delivery jobs.

Untitled design (8) Full Time Staff and Development Team
EvolveRP is a professionally run FiveM server with a fulltime staff and development team. Our friendly 24/7 support staff will help you along the way with questions or concerns. New players are welcome in EvolveRP. We also have designers on staff and offer custom cars, clothing skins, hairstyles unique to Evolve. Our development team is very active pushing multiple updates and patches per week integrating fun and custom jobs and scripts for the city. Evolve listens to the community and evolves around what the players want, we host frequent community meetings where everyone is allowed to have a voice. We believe this leads to a happy, healthy community.

Untitled design (8) Other Features

  • Poker
  • Car Tuning
  • Custom Cars
  • Customizable Housing
  • 24/7 population
  • Private planes
  • Pat Booche
  • Taco Job
  • Uber Eats
  • Fishing Sim
  • Trucking Sim
  • Custom Clothing
  • Female Clothing Pack/Hairstyles
  • Hidden Drug Missions (shhh)
  • Oxy Job

  • Be respectful.

  • Do not harass/verbally abuse other players

  • Do not Spam, Use excessive caps, or send excessive frequent short messages.

  • Do not advertise other communities or services in our chats. (stream promotion is ok in the appropriate channels

  • Please change your discord name to match your in-game name.

  • No exploiting/hacking of any kind will be tolerated.

  • When in a discussion, be civil.

  • Discussions or posting any content related to pornography, racism, sexism, homophobic/transphobic, disturbing links, religion and or politics are not tolerated in discord.


UPDATE 3/3/2021


Banking APP and tranfer APP added to the phone, you will need the persons CARD NUMBER to send money to people.


Reduced the price to repair player owned trucks.

UPDATE!!! 03/01/2021


- Fixed the Rodrigo spawning on everyone and multiplying at the shop,
 currently no ped just text.

- Fixed the GPS always being on the map.


- Issues fixed and added approx 80 new locations.


- Some updated from Ropi he will post in car channel.

Good server, plenty to do. Some people put a lot of effort into their characters.


UPDATE 3/7/2021


- You can use a weapon to to steal local vehicles with a chance of getting cars keys.

- To hot wire a car you need an item to use while in drivers seat.

- You can now give keys to owned cars to other people stand at car and be next to the person, type /givekeys.

- Once you have keys to a local vehicle or your own the vehicle the new key for locking is L.

- New locking picking vehicle mini game - Enjoy - Please forward all complaints to Demon.

- Police will be alerted in certain cases via dispatch.

UPDATE 3/20/2021


You will see that the weapon license ring will no longer be at ammunation. If your weapon license is confiscated, wish to appeal or you want to get one in general you must go to MRPD, pass a check on MDC and be let into the armory. If you have been arrested for a violent crime within 30 days you will be rejected. If you feel its been taken unfairly, or want to apply before the time frame is expired you may do so through the new court system.


Will no longer be a thing


The stun gun time between shots will be increased and the range of the taser will be decreased.


Updating to new FiveM main frame

This should help reduced TIME OUT crashes


Testing a new train function for AI trains


Testing a local multiplyer

Also helps is all have PED DENSITY OFF in settings


We are cleaning up the map mods / mlo folder, if theres an interior missing that should be there please DM me and let me know, It will be added back in but in a tidy fashion.


The mine fell in all mining is now done at the quarry

FiveM Main Frame

Updating to the latest artefacts, this will take a few moments to complete

Great Server. Lots to do with constant updates.


Bump. Love this server.


Bump. Bump.


Amazing community on this server.





A new court house was added 2 days ago at legion square for trials and hearings

Dynamic Weather

Weather will change though out the day and night


When going to jail ALL legal items / illegal items will be removed, on release, you will be given a phone, 5 water and 5 hamburgers. You will keep cash in pocket

A special thanks to @D҈E҉M҈O҈N for his work with the server and for making this place the place we all want to be!


been here from the start and i love this palce it will always be my home



The Island is now in the city as well as the Casino / the actual betting will not be there for this restart

DO NOT perform any of the following activities on the island, gang wars / shootings / selling drugs until further notice, You can grow some of your own plants etc, this is so we can have all departments ready for the new features - A 24-hour vacation with no appeal will be in place without appeal if someone does while we are in the testing phase.**

You will notice that when first joining the server it will ask you to change to another build allow this and if anything pops up from firewalls or anti virus you need to allow it, once you have done this once you will not have to do it again.

No properties etc will be sold as yet please do not ask, its all in testing

May 5, 2021



We are pushing the main frame to Onesync Infinity from Legacy.


Please see your LEO / EMS announcement channels.

What this means

You should notice with the updates this week better performance on your side, the server is also running better, this is the last step to becoming Infinity.
Infinity with the performance upgrades means we can keep on increasing the numbers of people on the server as we form queues, We will start at 100 from the restart and once a queue forms of more then 10 and is stable then we will look at increasing numbers in the city - currently FiveM allows up to 1024 players in the City with Infinity.
This should also fix the logging in as a Danny / pink hair issues, as well as various other issues.

We believe we have made all the relevant changes needed, if a job or something does not work as intended after the restart please let us know and we will hot fix as the day goes on. TACKLING PEOPLE

Use E while pressing left shift, running to tackle someone.


May 8, 2021


Love this server. The staff are very active and are always there to help. Good player base that is welcoming to new Role-players.




LEO - (Police)

DOC - (Department Of Corrections) Prison transport etc

EMS - (Medics)



Also looking for Civilians who just like to role-play and have fun, Player owned businesses available, Gas Stations, Shops and more, make your own empire or just chill and Evolve with the community, Enjoy.

Feel free to join the city and discord and look around, meet new people, engage in some role play. Regular events are also done within RP. We also run giveaways constantly for in-game gifts, including custom cars and houses and more…


in the F8 menu to connect the discord link listed as a requirement for the handshake isn’t the same link as listed here so you can’t connect.

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Its worked, your in the discord now, If you have any issues the discord server name is also in the server name on FiveM list. Welcome ;).

Welcome to all new people that have come to check us out. Hope you all enjoyed your time in the City.

We are still recruiting for all departments, you can apply on discord with a tickets.

New discord bot added. People can now join the server and discord for Evolve from anyone playing the server from any discord they are in.

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we will be running a refer a friend program that will run until 30th June 2021. To enter all you need to do is invite someone to Evolve RP discord and have them start within the city. Anyone that enters will get at least 1 small prize in city as thank you. Post your referrals in this format in the discord #referals channel.

Your discord name: ?

Steam names of the people you referred: ????

1st prize - £200 Donation package. 2nd prize - £150 Donation package (a smaller house and a custom car) 3rd prize - £100 Donation package (apartment and a custom car) The person you refer must be actively playing in the city.



Evolve RP FiveM server summer boost contest / giveaway. Enter to win.

We will be running a FiveM server boost contest starting from this now untill the 30th June 2021.

1 up-vote / boost will class as 1 entry, Zap is currently offering discounts on boosts. e.g 10 boosts will class as 10 entries.

The up-votes will help us get higher on the FiveM server listing making us more appealing and giving us more visibility.

Depending on the amount of entries the prizes will scale as below (or an Amazon gift card for the same amount):

49 or less entries - G-Fuel or Sneak Bundle G FUEL Energy Formula | Tubs & Cans | Bundle Together & Save

99 or less entries - Logitech Gaming Mouse https://tinyurl.com/63tacm3a

149 or less entries - A Stream Deck or a Blue Yeti Microphone https://tinyurl.com/96394df9

199 or less entries – Steel Series Head Set https://tinyurl.com/u2mkp7uk

249 or less entries - Steel Series Keyboard https://tinyurl.com/d8jur7br

299 or less entries - Gaming Monitor. https://tinyurl.com/cbtch9jm

300+ entries - Secret Labs Gaming Chair TITAN XL series gaming chairs | Secretlab UK

You can boost the server by getting them from the link below then assigning them to Evolve RP:


Once you have linked your FiveM account and assigned the boosts to the Evolve RP server take a screen shot as below and post in here.


Anyone that joined someone’s / another servers discord server that is NOT Evolve RP from the old discord vanity URL, We are not that server, all links have been updated as well as the server list information on FiveM.