Every 20 seconds: "[ citizen-server-impl] Server list query returned an error: " since last FiveM Crash


I have been experiencing an issue with my previously functional server since the last FiveM crash. Approximately every 20 seconds, I receive an incomprehensible error message, which appears to be triggered by a DLL file that I have already replaced. I have tried everything imaginable and am now at the end of my ideas. I am now asking the FiveM community for help. Perhaps the problem is in front of the monitor, or it is an issue that can be resolved.

Client and FXServer Version

  • Client: Ver. 6623
  • FXServer: Issue found in the provided DLL FiveM 6645 (Artifact Link)

Expected Behavior

After the last major crash of the FiveM servers, I expected the server to function normally upon restart. Firewall settings and Start.Bat have been correctly executed and set up, and OneSync is enabled.

Actual Behavior

Upon restarting the server, an error message recurs approximately every 20 seconds: "[ citizen-server-impl] Server list query returned an error: ".

Category of the Bug

  • Server / Artifact Files DLL, faulty feedback from FiveM

Reproducible Steps

Replaced server build
Replaced artifact
Set up a standard (Vanilla) server (same error)
Set up a new hosting server
Sought help on Discord (no solution found, however, some have the same issue)
Firewall settings and Start.Bat correctly executed and set up
OneSync enabled

I hope this information is sufficient for troubleshooting. Thank you for your ideas, hints and support.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue on two different server setups. One is a properly port-forwarded server on my home server, the other is a VPS server with no NAT in front of it. The error started occurring immediately after the last major infrastructure outage, with no changes made to either of the servers. I’ve tried updating the server artifacts on the home server to see if that would fix the issue, but it made no difference.

The issue seems to have resolved itself yesterday after restarting the server.