[EUP] Vest

This is a simple vest that I did to run a few test I don’t have any plans for further use for this model I am just going to release it on here I will not be providing support on this model. Credits and installation instructions are located in the .rar file provided in the link below!

Picture(s) -

Gif - Vest

Download - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DQiqgXfnAmW2jH6wuyHsMytGpk2qC1TK/view?usp=sharing

(The rigging on some polygons are not perfect and there is a bit of tearing but I am not gonna fix it!)


I like it :+1:

Looks nice

Thx I didn’t try my best!


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I can’t believe you made me comment but vvv nice


? do u need to know how to stream it?

I have no idea what that means look at the readme included!

Why does your vest look very similar to this one from Laggo’s Modifications

what does the back look like?

Is that supposed to mean something to me?

The back is empty …

I’m just curious why the base model of the vest looks exactly like Laggo’s vest. Maybe it’s a coincidence…

That’s cool still didn’t ask

but you kinda did?

ngl does look identical, could be a coincidence since plate carriers are pretty simple tbh.

Top left & right of the plate carrier is the exact same so is the stitching at the top and the whole shape of it in general is the same.

It’s the same model :man_facepalming: