Eup msa scba

Here is my SCBA I converted for FiveM a while ago. The story behind this one is a short but irritating one so I’ll spare you the lore and just release it.

- Yeah thats about it


  • Does this work server side?
    • Yes, the download includes files to drop into both your server and client eup.
  • Does this conflict with anything?
    • Shouldn’t, it only replaces the SCBA from the default EUP pack. But if you have another pack that edits that item there might be issues.
  • How do I…
    • There’s a text file in the download with instructions, but if you need further help feel free to reply or message me.
  • This looks like…
    • We used the same base
  • Is this the one that was leaked a while ago?
    • Yes now go away I’m still salty about that
  • Will you…?
    • No I will not
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Looks amazin

Its cool, or would be if it wasn’t stolen from Code5 Mods

nvm guess im wrong lmao :smiley:

Make sure to read the Q&A, trump and I used the same base model. I sold it until it was leaked and called his. if you download it you’ll notice a few small differences.

So I figured people would say it’s his so If anyone would like proof feel free to message me. This is my conversion of the base, there are other people who have the base so obviously it’ll be similar to other peoples releases.

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Nah man, good release. People just talk before reading or thinking. Also, could you PM me perhaps?

Is this male only or male or female

It should work with both male and female characters, from what I’ve seen in my own server

Cool thanks

Looks sick

what’s the helmet and black fire turnout from?

The helmet is mine and the black turnout gear can be found on gta 5 mods.