EUP menu edit?


if someone could explain what these numbers mean and or where i can find different ones thatd be nice.

This is in the eup-ui folder I am trying to edit the menu

the numbers refer to the MP ped numbers. For example in that top row, it has

{1, 1, 1}

The first 1 represents the header of what you are going to be changing. In this case, 1 is referring to the head section in the MP Ped menu.
The second 1 refers to which item number in that head section. In this case, it would be the first clothing item in the head section
The third 1 refers to which texture that item you chose would be. In this case, it would be the first texture for that item.

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So where or how would I find these numbers in let’s say an eup vest or something I downloaded off lcpdfr

I would just put it in under a piece of clothing that you don’t want to have, and then go in game and figure out the numbers there

Is there a way to edit the .lua file for the list. So like we have the default list but every login the list changes order? And is there a faster way to edit presets instead of going number by number?