EUP for free

yeah but some people dont have 100$ to pay for everything vps, server, ts, EUP KEY!

meanwhile a year later…

I don’t see what’s the problem here; you can now finally monetize your server legally with Tebex; if you are at least a bit smart you will do that, and you will reinvest a part of the earnings in enhancing your server, including paying for the clothing stream feature.

@tw1sle Didn’t think I’d have to get into this so much but I guess ignorance prevails in most people…

EUP is Emergency Uniform Packs. You can download it right now for free.

Not sure what kind of server you are buying but you don’t need a $100 server or around there for FiveM and TeamSpeak to run. You can get a server for around $20 or so that will run FiveM and TeamSpeak just fine. However, if you don’t have money to pay for a server why you are trying to run a server? The world isn’t free, you need money. With what Sasino said, they did make it easier to monitze your server however you could still accept money before this was added but all costs would have to go to the server, including the main server, TeamSpeak, EC, etc. It was that you couldn’t profit but now you can but that doesn’t really change you making money to pay for the server.

This has been mentioned a lot recently, specifically from bubble, no where did any Cfx element mention that the ability to stream clothing would be free and this feature won’t be free. However, if you set your slot count to below 8 you can stream clothing.

The key costs money. It is not possible to bypass the secruity system from fivem.

that is false