[EU] Nexus Gaming | Freeroam | Freemode | Deathmatch | Missions | Events | Progression

[EU] Nexus Gaming | Freeroam | Freemode | Deathmatch | Missions | Events | Progression
Nexus gaming is the ultimate slaughter hub for freeroam and deathmatch with your progression saved. Whether you are playing for just five minutes or spent countless of hours on killing other players your progression will stay. Are you ready to join the rankings on Nexus Gaming?

The server rules:

  • Do not block another through props
  • Do not spam voice chat with music or loud noises
  • Do not spam the chat with rubbish
  • Avoid spawn killing
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy against cheating and exploiting game mechanics

Key Features:

  • Freeroam Deathmatch
  • Missions & Events
  • Team up by starting a crew
  • Extra points for killing people on missions
  • Level & Progress (Permanently!)

Join us on Discord
Become a member of our Discord server and stay up to date about the latest information and interact with the community.

How to join?
Simply search for the tag nexus gaming and let’s start the carnage on our Deathmatch Server.

@Warxander for his amazing mod!
Find his amazing mod over here: https://github.com/warxander/los-santos-v

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Update [ 03-11-2019 ]

  • We have migrated between hosts due limits,
  • We have converted our server permanently to Freeroam Deathmatch,
  • Reason: We found out that the initial idea was far too big and wanted to stay simple,
  • We have fully opened up our server in-order to start the carnage,
  • We have updated our Discord server towards user needs and rights,

Update [ 04-11-2019 ]

  • Adjusted and finalised server settings,
  • Added Discord Rich Snippet thanks to @Quimey his awesome guide,
  • Reworked the kernel for real time processing (Process Affinity -20 (Real Time))
  • Got myself wrecked when players were around it’s been really good fun!
  • Events and all missions have been tested and seems to be 100% working!
  • Player reporting now has proper web hooks towards our Discord Server,
  • Fixed administration tools (which weren’t loading properly)

Proof of me getting wrecked:

Update [ 05-11-2019 ]

  • Enabled OneSync Support
  • Increased maximum players to 64 back to 32
  • Adjusted a bunch of scripts for OneSync
  • Adjusted systemd script to be more efficient

To Be Announced [ 05-11-2019]
Several people have requested new features such as Clan Tags and Discord Membership Bonuses when players are member of our Discord Server. This request is in progress and currently I am working on a system to support that and should be implemented as soon as possible. However this may take a little while to realise it without too much interference for our current player base.

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