[ESX] Z_BUF_ERROR with avail_in == 0

I get this error anytime I add cars to my server and i dont know why can anyone help because i dont have a clue what to do.

this is how i stream my cars

I have done my cars from scratch done everything one by one and still no help and I have delete my old stream and re-zipped it and re-uploaded it and has not helped

Check the handling meta file making sure no errors are in the code. Also check the vehicles.meta and check for errors. That’s all i think can help! Have a good day!

-Spencer. K

Okay thank you ill try this when i get a chance and get back to you

Ok i appreciate it! Have a good one chief.

-Spencer. K

i tried it and it still happens after a few mins

To solve the problem just reuploaded the server.
Because apparently the package has been damaged, so try to re-zip it, and try to reload it.

i have done it, it didnt help i have done all that i have fixed it and most of people say to re upload because there lazy and wont help and i found why my server was getting buf error

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Out of curiosity and for other people looking to solve a similar issue, please post how you did it :wink:

Same error was with me,
Due to I changed too many hostings and zips,

To do –

  1. Remove All eup
  2. Remove all YTD and YTF files (including cars and textures)
  3. Remove all MLO’s and Ymaps
  4. Clear Cache of server

Doing These things Without rezipping worked for me as textures and car files were broken ,

May this helped you
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