Esx_vineyard | A script where you process grapes into wine and sell them


On idle.

When text is being displayed.
The script is made to work with [MLO][FREE] Very basic Vineyards created by Edynu. If you dont want to use the mlo you would need to change the coordinates of the npc and sell location.
NPC is located in client/client.lua on the bottom.
Sell location is in config.lua Config.Sell
Download GitHub - Pural0001/esx_vineyard
Update log:
Added protection by Dev-Shaz · GitHub Thanks :slight_smile:


What version of esx is this for, 1.2?

Works fine for 1.1 should work for 1.2 too

I’m going to fork this if you do not mind, and make it more of a extensive system :slight_smile:

Yeah all good man :slight_smile:

Send me a preview when finished want to see what my project has turned into :smiley:

Also you might consider downloading the update cuz it has protection for cheaters

could you help ?
SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 000000002f7a49e6 in script host failed: Argument at index 1 was null.

When does it give you that error? Does it effect anything?

Thema error is if i try to use the process, so we dont can make wine :slight_smile:

Can you sah, what i have to add?

Check the read me file in github

Doesnt give me wine,…

Any error?