[ESX V1 / ExM] esx_adminplus

if you are using ESX, its already a thing
if not, i recommend you using ESX or vrp or any other framework

i want to make a new group , ‘trial’ where they will recieve reports , goto, bring
but i cannot find into the code the group to change from admin to trial
where i can find it?

you have to do it with fivem permissions system and then do whatever you want on this script

where are the fivem permissions? an example?

His doest work for me

this doesnt work with esx 1.1 right?

Nai re

Hi! How to give myself permission level? Cuz I can’t stop/start/restart scripts, and I can’t setjob.

if you’re using ESX, you can do that on console using: setgroup [ID] admin

I cant figure out how to give myself admin. am i missing something here?