[ESX] Usable Parachute Item


FiveM Script - Usable Parachute

Get it for free on Github: GitHub - Musiker15/msk_parachute: FiveM Script - Usable Parachute


  • You can use the parachute Item, then you get noparachute Item and a Bag will be added to your Ped
  • If you use noparachute Item then then the Bag will be removed from your Ped an you get the parachute Item if you already have the Weapon GADGET_PARACHUTE on your Ped
  • If you are in a Plane or Heli then you get the Weapon GADGET_PARACHUTE and the Item noparachute to remove parachute after fly or jump


Config = {}
Config.Locale = 'de'
Config.VersionChecker = true
Config.GiveParachute = true  -- Set to true if you want ti give a Parachute when entering a Helicopter or Plane
Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~ 100
Requirements ESX 1.2 or Legacy, esx_skin, skinchanger
Support Yes

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Update v1.3
  • Fixed if Player is in Heli or Plane

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