[ESX] TrainJob

[ESX] Train Job

Preview :

Hello and welcome to my new job script !

In this script, your job is to drive trains & tramway to each station in Los Santos

Works with Onesync

You can configure :

  • The language
  • The amount of money
  • The currency
  • The Money a society recieved for each run
  • The model of the ped to start the mission
  • To show station blips
  • The webhook
  • If a job is required
  • All stations and name

Start methods :

  • By a command
  • By an item
  • By a ped (configurable in the config file)

(Simple triggerEvent to be able to implement it in any job script)

And more in the open source script !

Tebex link : [ESX] Train Job

there will be mores updates with new features (accessible if you already buy it)

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements es_extended
Support Yes

Nice Job !!!

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Great Script.
Maybe a door control would be an idea for the future.

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need to reverse if you miss a stop

Hello, thanks you for the notice !

i already think about a door control panel, but gta is forcing doors to be open by default, and they are not synced anymore if i disabled the option :sweat_smile:

iā€™m thinking of a button for the player to open the doors manualy (in case of non-synced doors)

Hello, yes, the train is configured to not going in reverse because this cause massive bugs in multiplayer

but if you go out of the station, the script will skip the last stop