[ESX] [Syncs with Ace Permissions] Police Duty Script

This is a ESX Duty Script that syncs your role inside the discord and if your an LEO gives you the police job.

If you’re going to make edits, please give me credit.


line 32
xPlayer.setJob(‘unemployed’, grade) ----- Set a Grade for the Civilian Job

I’ts police, i think.no?

This would be for when you go offduty, so you could either do xPlayer.setJob(‘unemployed’, 0) or xPlayer.setJob(‘off’, job, grade)

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How does this sync with discord if nothing in the code pulls from discord? Or was I blind when looking…

I dont see any either.

This just uses Discord Ace Perms, I understand the “sync” may have thrown you off.

does this use badger api? and what are the dependencies?

This uses Discord Ace Permissions, the only dependencies are Discord Ace Permissions!

link to the DsicordAcePerms script?