[ESX] [Supermarket]

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_supermarket/server/main.lua:43: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’)

fn (@esx_supermarket/server/main.lua:18)

Where i can get images pack for market

Is there any way to add a working sell button?I tried adding one in the scripts.js and the html+css part but i only broke the script…can any one that mannaged to add a button help me?Im clueless with javascript…

Hello everybody, can someone help me with my issue ?

hi zero were can i foud like you food and water hud ? tell my plz

Something pathetic, but can you please tell me how to change it so that the Dollar $ Sign is on the left of the item cost…? Rather than on the right.

Also my markers for some reason are flashing really quickly? Like glitching out fast…?

Make sure table shops on your database is not empty.

Go to esx_supermarket/html/scripts.js and change line 45 to

'<h4><b>' + '$' + item.label + '<div class="price">' + item.price + '</div>' + '</b></h4> ' +

About marker, you might have 2 resources running. Make sure the other script like esx_shops is not running.

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