Esx_skin doesn't work | Can't move

Hey, i’m making an ESX server but i keep having this one issue with “esx_skin” i saw some other treads about this issue and people said to place the files in the correct order but yet I haven’t got a clue what order it needs to be put in. i read the “” and I still couldn’t figure it out

There is an order that is necessary for it to work
In the es_extended github there is the main order of this mod, then for the esx_skin you need to see if he needs another mod (like the skin changer)
In the case of skin changer add the es_extended, therefore, you will not add it again
So just add the esx_skin after all of the es_extended

im so confused the other in there
"stop webadmin

ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager
ensure hardcap
ensure ■■■■■■■
ensure baseevents

ensure mysql-async
ensure cron
ensure skinchanger

ensure es_extended"

get it doesn’t work :frowning:i really don’t know what im doing wrong

What is that?

Under the es_extended place the esx_skin

I am having the issue that after putting in a skin, i cant move at all. not sure if that is your issue also.

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yea something like that

that is the start rcon log

and i also did put skin under es_extended

What is your probleme exacly you cant move or esx_skin dosnt work and if so you get any error in console or f8 cuz after ther newst update for esx_skin there is a bug the fix is in pr in github