A jewelry heist that is different from every other one. This script also includes support for bt-target!

:bug: | Bug-free | The script is tested to ensure the best quality.
:shield: | Exploit Protected | A modder proof system that auto bans modders.
:computer: | Optimized | Players - [ 0.1 - 0.2 ms ]
:x: | Standalone Functions | Can be used with any framework, all the functions can be changed in the config.
:memo: | Fully Customizable | A config that lets you customize everything.
:face_with_monocle: | No IP lock / Encryption | You can edit anything you would like.



:eye: | bt-target - GitHub - brentN5/bt-target



For 15 this doesn’t seem crazy different requiring this amount of money.

Do you not need a item of thermite to plant it? I didn’t see a notification of -1 thermite when you did it unless i missed it.

You can break the glass without a weapon to rob them with your bare hands?

Thank you for the suggestions.


  • Added a thermite option to use an in game item to place thermite.
  • Added a check for melee weapons to prevent unarmed glass breaking.
  • Price lowered to $10
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damn, this is quality. Taking on all critique. Awesome. No matter if there are free options, having feedback taken into account as well as adding in features of this speed - worth the price.


question before i buy, do i have to add my own item functions or are those optional? does it work without editing that?

Hello! The item function is already made for ESX. If you are using a different framework then you can add your own.

i bought this but need support , so its spawning multiple NPC over and over

Hello! I sent you a message on the forums.