[ESX] Restrict skin for new player when creating

Name of resource : esx_skin LIGHTLY modified
Version : 1.1
Github : https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_skin

What does it do : Allows to prohibit to a new arrival the options of helmet, mask, bulletproof jacket, hat which are obtainable only via esx_accessories
Replace function ‘esx_skin:openSaveableMenu’ at line 333 of ‘esx_skin/client/main.lua’ by this :

AddEventHandler('esx_skin:openSaveableMenu', function(submitCb, cancelCb)
  --OpenSaveableMenu(submitCb, cancelCb, nil)
  local restrict = {}
  restrict = {
    OpenSaveableMenu(submitCb, cancelCb, restrict)

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Awesome to know, But if I wanted to restrict a certain vehicle with a certain permission level (IE: police to permission level 1 and up) how would I do that?

Totally not the right topic… But totally possible and pretty easy with PlayerData.job.grade … :wink:

Thank you, and I know but you had something that was the closest to what i was looking for

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When this loads up it seems like something odd is happening to the camera like it becomes unbound from the player. Any ideas what I should do?

if you have put the options suggested by @Cr4zZyBipBiip and in the first spawn still appearing the options put the following below the line – local heading = 90.0 – this – restrict = true –

I have a problem, when I make a character and rejoin the server I spawn as Franklin or some random NPC guy.