[ESX/QBCore] Trucking Job | Multiple Jobs | Highly Configurable

Our Tebex review has been completed and it has been made live. The link has also been updated

Documentation is now up and running. I have split apart each modifiable section of the resource and explained what each setting does.

Support for Quasar Smartphone PRO has been added.

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trucking job is great script and great support

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looks so good cant wait to see what other job scripts u come out with i plan to get them all :slight_smile:

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Please add support to Old quasar smartphone too please!

I’ll look into it and see if it has support for addon apps

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Update (v1.0.8):

Added a new client side export “IsJobActive” that will return the job ID a player is currently doing or false when the player has no active job. Can be used with the Advanced Trailers resource or whatever trailer resource you use if it allows the ability to restrict players from attaching vehicles to trailers

Update (v1.0.9):

  • Added support for NUI text provided by ox_lib instead of rage UI help message. Can also disable this to use the rage UI
  • Added support for inside-interaction
  • Added the ability to change the load/unload keybind
  • Added a new client function “VehicleDespawned” that will be triggered before a spawned job vehicle is deleted so that you can trigger framework specific actions