[ESX] [QBCore] Rury Banking πŸ’³


  • Optimized: 0.00-0.01ms when you don’t see bank markers and 0.03-0.04ms if you are near a bank marker (when the bank menu is open 0.00ms)
  • Players can create several cards (the maximum number is set in the config)
  • Cards have a limited service time, after this time the cards are blocked (you can withdraw money from them and remove the card)
    • The service period is specified in the config for each card separately (lifetime)
  • Cards have balance limits
    • Balance limits are set for each card separately in the config
  • When creating a card, the user is prompted to select a background
    • The list of backgrounds is specified for each card separately
  • Bills script is embedded in the resource (If you have previously installed esx_billing, you just need to turn it off, the bank has a built-in event that allows you to accept accounts using the old trigger)
  • The resource has been tested on an active server for more than a month
  • The resource has been tested in an unscrupulous community that likes to look for bugs in scripts and use cheats. A large number of vulnerabilities have been fixed.
  • PayGate:
    • This script allows the user to select any of their cards for payment
    • During the payment process, the script constantly checks the payment status and any attempt to change the value or in any way bypass the system for bad purposes, the script will stop the payment process and return the status β€œfailed”
    • Has a limited time for payment, if in the allotted time the payment is not completed, the script will return the status β€œfailed”
  • Discord logs are made on a queue basis so as not to get temporary blocking from discord

To embed a resource on your server, you will need to replace all the previous functions with bank accounts and change the paycheck script (examples are in the readme file)

The readme file contains several examples of using the functions to make it easier for you to understand how it works




Some features are borrowed from es_extended (different versions) - to get rid of incompatibility problems with other versions esx

Design partially inspired by vb-banking

Update 1.0.1
Update 1.0.2
Update 1.0.3
  • Added support for new version QBCore
  • Added the ability to enable search for ATMs by props, instead of coordinates (qtarget)
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect work of bank markers
Update 1.0.4
  • Added the ability to issue starting money when receiving the first card
New config row

Update 1.0.5
For QBCore
  • Minor amendments, for the possibility of changing standard functions in frameworks, for interacting with bank accounts
  • Fixed a bug - due to which they did not take money for issuing a card
  • Old versions of QBCore is no longer supported
  • ghmattimysql is no longer supported
  • Corrections have been made to SQL queries for the latest versions of oxmysql
  • Added support for qb-target
  • Fixed billing script
  • Fixed incorrect notifications

Update will come later

Buy on tebex

  • Not Obfuscated
  • Not IP locked
  • Source code
  • Fully customizable

My other resources:

Code accessible [Yes]
Subscription based [No]
Lines (approximately) [2700]
Requirements QBCore: qb-core, oxmysql;
ESX: es_extended, mysql-async;
Optional: qtarget or qb-target
Support [Yes]

just curious to know where the payment history is saved like?

All data is stored in server-side arrays that are generated when the resource is started.
Fetching from the database occurs only when the resource is started.
When a bank transaction occurs, a record is added to the array and to the database to form an exact array the next time the resource is run.
To avoid spam in the database, there is a time limit for each user (15 seconds) after each banking operation.

which operation?

withdraw, deposit, transfer money

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Looks great!

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Great Concept and Script.
A suggestion from me would be to add a Bank Job to this system.
Blocking a Players card. Accessing the log. Changing their account money and …

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Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to do it in the future

Update 1.0.1

Looking Nice. Considering to buy but have a few questions. My questions is does this have multiple bank accounts? (like society based bank accounts as well as the player) and does it support Cash as a item? Also does it support Multicharacters?

Each card is a separate bank account.

At the moment there are no separate bank accounts for the society, but it is likely that in the near future I will make a separate section for the society.

Script is not encrypted and is fully editable. If you have a need for money as an item, you can change the function in the code (I use: xPlayer.removeMoney(count) and xPlayer.addMoney(count) for cash)

Cards and account are identified using xPlayer.identifier, if your characters have different identifiers, then each character will have their own cards
For QBCore I am using xPlayer.PlayerData.citizenid to split the bank for different characters

Great script, been looking to change from my other banking script due to a lot of API downtime. I’m guessing you do not use an API.

What about crypto? I’m running qbcore

You are right, I am not using the API
I have an idea to make a crypto, but it will take time. Since I want to make the whole crypto mining and trading system


Update 1.0.2

  • For those who use qtarget, the script for interaction with banks has been changed
    Aim at a bank or ATM and press ALT

To get an updated version, please contact me with your Transaction ID.

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Hello, how can I change that every ATM object in Los Santos is functional instead of the ATM coordinates? Means there are no more coordinates for ATMs but certain props are activated.

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You are not the first one who asked me about this, wait a little, I will release an update with this today

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Update 1.0.3

  • Added support for new version QBCore
  • Added the ability to enable search for ATMs by props, instead of coordinates (qtarget)
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect work of bank markers

For Previous Purchasers - For an updated version, contact me on Discord

Update 1.0.4

  • Added the ability to issue starting money when receiving the first card
New config row

can this work with cash as an item ? -qbcore