[ESX | QBCore | BT-Target] doughNamechanger


:pushpin: About this Script

Here comes my first release on the forums, all should work as is! This brings servers a nice and simplistic ui for their players where they can change firstname & lastname. More features / options can be added if they are wanted!

Includes discord logs (toggleable in config.lua)

Download: Releases · dough-land/doughNamechanger · GitHub

:ledger: Requirements

  • ESX (mysql-async) or QBCore (oxmysql)
  • Do not change the name of the resource if you do not know how to edit the rest of the files

:clipboard: Installation

  1. Drag and Drop doughNamechanger into your resources folder
  2. Add ensure doughNamechanger to your server.cfg

Change from QBCore to ESX

  1. Script is by default set to use QBCore, if you wish to change it to use ESX edit shared/config.lua and set Config.ESX = true
  2. Go into fxmanifest.lua and comment out the @qb-core/import.lua and uncomment the 3 files in server_scripts {}

Use BT-Target (Profile - SkellyKat_Gaming - Cfx.re Community)

  1. Uncomment the lines in fxmanifest.lua that are marked
  2. Change Config.UseBTtarget = true
  3. Success! Should work now!

:file_folder: Important Files


Easily add more locations and change cost

Config = {}

Config.ESX = false
Config.UseBTtarget = false

Config.Cost = 500
Config.Account = 'bank'
Config.EnableLogs = true

Config.EnableBlip = true
Config.BlipSprite = 480
Config.BlipColour = 17
Config.BlipScale = 0.65
Config.BlipLabel = 'Passport Agency'

Config.Locations = {
    vector3(299.6404, -579.6099, 43.2608)

-- If using BT-Target uncomment code below

-- Config.LocationNPC = {
--     x = 229.72,
--     y = -428.14,
--     z = 47.08,
--     heading = 341.33,
--     npcname = "cs_fbisuit_01",
--     npchash = 0x585C0B52,
-- }


shared_scripts {
    '@qb-core/import.lua', -- ENABLE / DISABLE IF YOU USE QB-CORE

server_scripts {
	-- '@async/async.lua',
	-- '@mysql-async/lib/MySQL.lua',
    -- '@es_extended/locale.lua',

Big man dough with the release <3

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FINALLY!!! This is only the start my guys!

This was made for our server and I can tell you now, this man is a complete wizard. Script is perfecto.

Multicharacter support too, support is as easy as eating a kitkat

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hell yeah man! nice release brother

Hey buddy I think people will be needing the QBCore version of it so if you don’t mind can I please convert it and release it as numerous people have switched to QBCore and they will surely be facing issues in converting and using this resource.

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I’m sure he wouldn’t mind but who knows :smiley:

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Great suggestion, just to make my life easier for the future I’ll do one and update this release! Gotta learn qbcore somehow :joy:

Amazing work so glad you made this.

Updated to v1.1.0 [QBCore]

  • Added support for QBCore

yea live for the people lol :rofl:

This is really cool. A couple of options I’d like to see, some things that will save me some hair loss later, is support for bt-target or qtarget. Also the option to replace the marker and text with an NPC ped.

Usually I stick the ped inside the target poly, so the target is the ped. There are also ways to make the ped model the actual target, but I find it easier, oddly, to use two resources for this since I also populate police stations, shops, etc with NPC peds.

Would love to do this, unfortunately I have 0 experience with any of the bt / qtarget… Might be something I will look into soon. Got some other projects lined up first tho

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Does it support with QBCore old version?

Not sure on that one, it works on the latest files from their github with latest oxmysql

In terms of bt target I can have a look into that if you want so you can focus on other projects because I was thinking of putting an npc st my city hall anyway with the same bt target system.

Feel free to make it work with bt target :grinning:

I have made an updated version including bt-target now where do you want me to send it to you.

If you can, make a pull request on github or dm me pretty much! I’ll upload it and credit you

Sent you a dm because pull requests are broke for my github.

Updated to v1.1.1