[ESX & QB] tk_cctv - Security Cameras


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  • Uses FiveM Asset Escrow System, but if there is anything you would like to get changed or added to the editable file, contact me!
  • Security Cameras
    • Add as many different cameras as you want
      • By default 3 different types: faulty, default and advanced
    • Items
      • Cameras can be placed by using the camera item
    • Destruction
      • Shooting cameras can destroy them
      • Configure if a cameras can be destroyed
      • Configure if a camera can be repaired (if not, camera will be removed when destroyed)
      • Destroyed cameras will show a black screen when viewing
    • View types
      • Static: Camera view can’t be moved
      • Controllable: Camera view can be moved by a configurable amount
      • 360: 360 view
    • Nightvision
      • Toggle on/off
    • FOV
      • Configure max fov
      • Configure min fov
    • Hacking
      • Allows you to view cameras that you don’t have access to
      • Configure if a camera should be hackable or not
      • Configure a max distance you can be from a camera to hack it
    • Jobs
      • Restrict certain cameras to be placeable by certain jobs only
  • Camera Tablet
    • Shows camera ID, name and distance
    • Search and filter
    • View
      • Toggle camera view
    • Add Access
      • Add access to a certain player (with ID) or a certain job
      • Specify minimum grade for job
      • Players with access are able to view the camera
    • Remove access
      • Remove access from a player or a job
    • Transfer Ownership
      • Transfer ownership of a camera to another player
    • Manage group
      • Cameras in the same group can be switched between when in the camera view
    • Repair
      • Repair camera if it is destroyed
      • Configure max distance for repairing
    • Remove camera
      • Remove camera, you can only remove your own cameras
      • Configure max distance for removing
      • Configure jobs that are able to remove cameras placed by everyone
    • Rename camera
      • Only for camera owner
  • Modern UI
  • Optimised
  • Supports ESX, QBCore and also ox_lib
  • Discord logs
  • English and Finnish translations by default, and you are able to translate everything yourself



Purchase (12.99€ + VAT)

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~2500
Requirements es_extended or qb-core
Support Yes

This Script looks very Impressive. Well done :slight_smile:

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Can these record based on the script listening for triggers of nearby events?

Hey! Unfortunately there is no recording option.

Update 1.0.1

  • Add Config.NoCameraZones
  • Fix not being able to place cameras anymore if you gave an invalid name for a camera

Update 1.0.2

  • Add function MotionDetectedAlert to editable client file

Update 1.0.3

  • Add Config.Adjust.speed
  • Change Config.MaxAdjustDist to Config.Adjust.maxDist
  • Add client side export openCameraTablet

Update 1.0.4

  • Add Config.DebugMode

Where are the cameras stored?

They are stored using KVPs

Update 1.0.5

  • Add exports.tk_cctv:isInCameraView()
  • Fix cameras facing the wrong way by default on some occasions

How do we add cameras

how do we add cameras?

Add the items to your server:

Items (for ox_inventory):
   ["cctv_faulty"] = {
		label = "Faulty CCTV Camera",
		weight = 100,
		stack = true,
		close = true,

	["cctv_default"] = {
		label = "Default CCTV Camera",
		weight = 100,
		stack = true,
		close = true,

	["cctv_advanced"] = {
		label = "Advanced CCTV Camera",
		weight = 100,
		stack = true,
		close = true,

	["cctv_tablet"] = {
		label = "CCTV Tablet",
		weight = 100,
		stack = true,
		close = true,

then give yourself any of those camera items and use the item from your inventory

Update 1.0.6

  • Add Config.JobCanManage
  • Add Config.PlayerCanManage

Will it ever be able to record based on triggers? The recording then able to be deleted when hacked or by the owner so it doesn’t take up databse space?

At least for now, there are no plans to add recording unfortunately.

Hi hello !
Do you think it’s possible to make it compatible with pma-voice to ear the player speaking through the camera ? And even maybe activate it or not in the config for each camera. It can be life changer !

Also, if you can’t make video reccording, maybe just a screen shot saved in discord webhook ? And you can screenshot with a button, or a screenshot is done when motion on camera ! Can be insane c;

Thank you !

Dammn That should be next update asapp