[ESX|QB] Shared Garages [Job/Gang]

Unlike the normal job garages where people can spawn cars invidiually, this one is a shared garage meaning every person in the job shares a garage where cars are limited (admins can add / remove cars from the specific garage).

  • Cars are stored (a vehicle taken from the garage can not be taken by another peson)
  • Saves customization of vehicle
  • Can add unlimited number of vehicles
  • Parking Logs (you can see the citizenid, time, vehicle health, retrived or stored) of the vehicle
  • Uses qb-radialmenu to open / close garage
  • Easy to customize

/jobcar [garage] - Spawn a car, get into it and type in the command to set a car to a garage
/deljobcar [plate] - Delete the job car from the job garage


Showcase (youtube)
FiveM Shared Garages - YouTube

Purchase ($14.99 + tax)
ESX - ESX version doesn’t use radialmenu so you’ll have to integrate it yourself if you want it


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) 480
Requirements qb-menu, qb-core (latest build with drawtext inbuilt in qb-core or cd_drawtextui), qb-radialmenu, PolyZone, oxmysql, nh-context (ESX)
Support Yes

I bought this and its awesome!
This guy really sat down with me for 30 minutes and made sure my smooth brain installed it correctly!
:star::star::star::star::star:Highly Highly Reccomended!:star::star::star::star::star:

Great way to share a vehicle with others, excited for the ESX version.

getting errors and you have no discord or anything to contact you on?

Send me a message over here, I’ll help you

Great script and easy to use.

I can vouch that this is a great script, there is not very many if any good shared vehicle garage scripts for QBCore and this should fit your needs perfect. :star::star::star::star::star:

Great work and support!

I was looking for a more realistic job garage script, one where you could have limited stock of vehicles available ( i use it mainly for police garage ) this way it allows the police service to purchase their own fleet vehicles and have to manage the fleets stock.
This dev also went above and beyond and edited things to suit my server, thanks so much :slight_smile:

Update 1.0

  • No need to have vehicles in shared.lua anymore
  • Few code updates
  • Added vehiclenames.lua where you can add label names for vehicle


  • Fixed an issue with vehicle not spawning when taking vehicle out of garage
  • Added support for gang garage (you can easily add gang access to shared garage like you add for jobs).

To add access to garage for gangs, just add gang = "lostmc" in the config instead of job = "something".

Hello is there an esx version? would love to buy it :slight_smile:

Yes, just released it but it doesn’t have default support for radialmenu so you’ll have to integrate it yourself.

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Amazing can you use it with planes and boats?

You can add any type of vehicle to your garage

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hello any tutorial or similar?? i create a polyzone but how i create the garage??

having this problem when takin vehicle out

I use esx

ESX version doesn’t support radialmenu so change in config to:

Config.UseRadialMenu = false

Thanks to @FurmaZ for the idea!


  • Added rank restriction for vehicles (remember this is set to only one grade so it doesn’t work off levels so if you restrict it to a gradename, only those grade people can pull vehicles off).

/jobcar [garage] [rank]

Only type in the rank if you need to restrict the vehicle being taken out by a certain rank.

  • Don’t forget to update SQL incase you are updating from old version.
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where I can download updated version :)? its not in my keymaster