[ESX/QB] Premium Mechanic Tablet

Video :call_me_hand: : Premium Mechanic Tablet Preview

Features :

Mechanical tablet where you can do many operations.

Main System:
You can use it with the menu or as an item. If you use it as an item, the tablet will come to you in an animated way.
In addition, all the changes you make are registered on the car. So even if you enter and exit the server, the camber, suspension and spacing between the wheels will remain registered in your vehicle.
You can set which profession can open the tablet from the config.

Suspensions System:
You can install ready-made suspensions such as sport and comfort on your vehicles.
Or with the custom menu, you can make settings as you wish, down to the smallest detail.
Remember, you can raise or lower the suspension up or down.

Camber System:
You can add a beautiful look to your vehicle by tilting the wheels of your vehicles inward or outward.

Length Between Wheels System:
If you adjust the camber too much, as you can imagine, the wheels will stay in too much. But if you like to use too much camber, you can push the wheels out or inwards with this feature.

Item Buy System:
Here you can add special items to mechanics via config. Special items that only mechanics can use. Sounds good.
Of course, you can easily adjust the prices, pictures, names of the items via the config.


Code is accessible :white_check_mark:
Subscription-based :x:
Lines (approximately) 2150
Requirements :x:
Support :white_check_mark:

Is it possible, that only certain jobs can use the tablet?

will be as an “upgrade” for 25 bucks :wink:

Yes, the people in the job you specified in the config will use it.

I didn’t understand what you said

It looks like a very nice and fun script. :ok_hand:


This script looks like perfect!

Looks dope, do you know if it’ll conflict with Jim-mechanic in any way? Even as a different job

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