[ESX][QB] [PAID] Richfie21 Jewelry Robbery - Vangelico - Team Robbery

Richfie21 Jewelry Robbery - Vangelico - Team/Group Robbery

Tebex Link

The Script uses Asset Escrow System which encrypt files
Script is Compatible with ESX and QBCore
encrypted files are server.lua and client.lua
functions.lua file in client and server folder are accessible feel free to edit with your likings


What makes the script different is it will require 2 players and above to do this robbery.
Robbery Mode: Silent Robbery or Break Robbery
When Break Robbery is triggered, the alarm gate will automatically close and will prevent players from going in.
Silent Robbery won’t trigger the Alarm Gate, but there is a chance it will trigger depending on the chance you will have to set in config for Drill and breaking glasses.
We have power box which players should hack in order to disable the Alarm Gate. located in the roof top with an object of small power box.
Robbing Glasses and Drilling the Safe it has realistic effects, animations and sound.

Whitelisted Jobs we have blacklist for jobs and we also have store access for jobs.

Store access will give access:

  1. To allow the player in current job to Unlock or Lock main door - this works only if there is no robbery in progress
  2. Allows the player in current job to unlock the gate - works while robbery in progress
  3. Allows the player in current job to unlock the keypad door - works with/without robbery


  1. Robbing glasses will give you jewelries you can configure in config.lua
  2. Drilling and looting the safe will give you jewelries and money you can configure in config.lua
    You can almost configure everything in config.lua

Dependencies(Optional can be change):

rprogress - GitHub - Mobius1/rprogress: Customisable radial progress bars for FiveM - credits to Mobius1
fivem-tgiann-skillbar - GitHub - TGIANN/fivem-tgiann-skillbar - credits to TGIANN
mythic_notify - GitHub - JayMontana36/mythic_notify: A simple FiveM notification resource - credits to JayMontana36
Finger Print Hacking Game - GitHub - utkuali/Finger-Print-Hacking-Game - credits to utkuali

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000
Requirements mythic_notify, fingerprint hacking, rprogress, tgiann skillbar
Support Yes