[ESX/QB] [Paid] [OS] [SALE -50%] KCrimeActivities - New 3 activities for RP crime!

[ESX/QB] KCrimeActivities - New 3 activities for RP crime!

[ Car Thief | Truck Robbery | VIP Killing ] → Preview

KCrimeActivities is an advanced FiveM script that adds 3 new activities for (Car Thief, Truck Robbery, VIP Killing) that can be stared in a special tablet. Every activity has own levels (by default 3) that can be unlocked by EXP points (that can be gained by playing these games). Script also contains 3 hacking minigames that are used in Car Thief and Truck Robbery.


Car Thief

After starting Car Thief, you need to go to marked location and search for car with plate from notify. When you find the car and press E you will need to unlock it by playing hacking minigame. After game you can enter the car. Car will have GPS that will send location to cops every few seconds. After configured time, GPS will be hacked and you will see delivery point. You can’t deliver car, when there are cops near.

Truck Robbery

After starting Truck Robbery, you need to go to marked location and search for truck. When you find it, you need to kill bodyguards (by default, level 1 doesn’t have bodyguards) and hack truck. After hacking you need to deliver items from truck to point.

VIP Killing

After starting VIP Killing, you need to go to marked location and kill VIP with bodygurads.


To hack cars, you need to have tablet in your inventory.

  1. Find differences

    You need to find 5 differences and click it on the right side.

  2. Find darker color

    You need to click darkest color (few times)

  3. Drawing

    You need to remember image and then draw it.



Please register item crime_tablet in your database


Configuration files are located in server/config.yml

Locale files are located in locales folder

You can configure some functions like sending notify in client/functions.lua

Please configure your framework and mysql type in fxmanifest.lua



Database tablet with players EXP will be created automatically after first start up


Script is paid. It can be purchased on Tebex
Open Source: [$20] $10 + tax


Code is accessible Yes in OS version. In escrow version only few files are accessible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +/- 3000
Requirements [ESX 1.2, ESX Legacy or QBCore], [MySQL Async or oxmysql]
Support Yes

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Good Job :muscle:

Update 08/08/2023

  • Added support for ESX Legacy and QBCore.

Documentation is now available here

Update 10/08/2023

  • Added option to exit tablet while hacking

Changed Price

  • Escrow version $15 $10
  • Open Source version $30 $20

If you have any idea, please let me know - I will add it to my script!

Updated description! Now it has described every game and hack

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Sale -50%

Buy open source version of KCrimeActivities for $10