[esx/qb] ks-peds

ABOUT :hammer:

KS Peds has recently been released in its paid variant, created in 2020 and 2022 we release v2 for everyone to use, fully opensource and work for both ESX and QB, includes a simple UI to manage peds.

Link: GitHub - Kilichi/ks_peds

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Run the insert.sql in your database

Put this line in your server.cfg

ensure ks_peds


These commands can only be used if you have administrator permissions on the server.

command : ks_peds
arguments : {
    function : (add | remove)
    id : (player id)
    ped: (ped what you want to add or remove ex: a_f_m_beach_01)
    type: (animal | ped)
    label: (name of the ped in menu)

USAGE :raised_hand:

  1. Add a ped
/ks_peds add id a_f_m_beach_01 ped example_ped
  1. Remove a ped
/ks_peds remove id a_f_m_beach_01
  1. Open ped menu

CONFIGURATION :hammer_and_wrench:

  1. Config.AlloweRanks you can add more admin groups this is a example
Config.AlloweRanks = {
  1. Config.Lang you can change the script language
Config.Lang = {
    NoPed = "You don't have peds now",
    AddedPed = "You added a ped ",
    To = " to the id ",
    HavePed = "This player haves the ped",
    RemovedPed = "Ped removed ",
    NoPermissions = "You don't have permissions to do this :)"
  1. Config.KeyMapping you can configure the open menu key
Config.KeyMapping = {
    Key = 'F9',
    Lang = 'Abrir menu ks peds'

Download link: GitHub - Kilichi/ks_peds

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True, updated, thanks!

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Good work

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can you make it works without esx_skin?, there is many people using fivem-appareance


Yes need this

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You can change the event

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Hi! The source code is totally free and opened, you can change all the events and code to your liking.

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Hello is there a way to make the peds be able to hold weapons and fight ?

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can someone please help me make this work with fivem appearance, i dont know what export to be looking for

why does normal players have to be admin in order for admin to set a ped that seems dumb…