[ESX][QB-Core] Seat Creator


Create / add seating or sleeping locations according to your needs!


Feature :

  • Changing PEDs only uses the ARROW Button.
  • Change the ANIMATION using only the ARROW Button
  • Rotate the PED using only the Scroll Button
  • Copy existing data.
  • Edit existing data.
  • And many more!

Screenshot :



Link Open Source

Code is accessible Depends on purchase
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 600++
Requirements ESX & QBCORE
Support Yes
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Hello, can we make this apply to all identical props.

I don’t understand your question :smiley:

If I apply a configuration to a chair, does it apply to all the chairs. Or do I have to do this for each chair?

You can use copy data from this script, you can copy all the data to a new location

Is this ox_target only? :slight_smile:

That’s right, I really like this :slight_smile:

Why is the config.lua encrypted?

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Wait, I will update it again

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if i buy this can you make an qb-target support?

I would like to have qb-target support as well please

The /sit command doesn’t pop up…

qb-target support please :melting_face:

Hello, I recently purchased the AP Seat Creator script from you (Escrow).
When I try to integrate it, the Live Console gives me the following error message:

script:ap_sit] SCRIPT ERROR: No such export GetCoreObject in resource qb-core

I am using esx and have also changed it in the config.txt accordingly.
What does this error mean?
Thank you in advance.