[ESX] [QB] Casino Slots Machine (with sounds)

then there is a position that has wrong prop

Works perfectly i can even write the missing machines in the config without any problem.

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can losses pay to a society?

yeah, you can add this easly to the server side


• Easy config, just change one coordinate and you are ready
• Sounds similar to GTA:ONLINE (you need 2060 build or newer)
• Can play with item, cash, or account mone (bank, black)
• A bit more optimized

I bought this. Worth every cent. Awesome script and great support!

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No one is going to mention that cpu usage? o.o

that’s bcz he had wrong settings in config.lua
check the new video and you will see it has ~0.5 cpu usage
also the config is much easier and now you can not have “wrong” settings.
script has tested with 3 different casino MLOs and it has same ms and cpu usage

Works quite well with one easy change. Good job!

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Hello, so how does it work if I have a custom casino mlo with the slot machines. Will able to use the props or does it only work in the big casino? Also does it work with ESX 1.1?

you can use it with any map you want by changing one coordinate, the center of your casino map, and the script will detect the slots by it self.

if you are using casino build or newer you do NOT need the stream folder
if you don’t know what does that means or you are using the default build, you will need the stream folder.

Yes, it works with all ESX versions

Ok, nice. so there is only 1 coordinate that needs to be changed? Could you show how that would look like?

yes, the coordinate is in the config.lua

Curious question if the script is relying on a dependency from ES-Extended, how would one convert this from ESX to QBcore

there are two versions, one for QB and other for ESX, you choose what version want to buy.
keep in mind, if you buy ESX version, you will not take QB, and oposite

Hi I bought this and when I try to ensure it it says this (you lack the required entitlement to use vns_cs_slots) can you help me to fix this?

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hello, im really sorry for the delay, i was not active on the forum for a while.
did you find a solution for that?
this is new encrypt system fivem add some weeks ago, in order to run the script you must use same email in tebex and in your fivem account (keymaster) if you bought it from another account or another person bought it from you, he/she can transfer the script to your account from his/her keymaster
read more: Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources

works on esx legacy?

Can you make this standalone framework compatible please??

Hello, how i can change the winrate plz ?