[ESX] [QB] Casino Slots Machine (with sounds)

hello, no. the winrate is the default winrate from the gta v online, all the symbols on the reel has the same probability. You can change the multipliers if you want so the players will make less items

i know some developers dont offer extra support but would you be able to help me setup the losses paying to my casino job society? just thought id give it an ask

Hello, i always give support to my clients but only from discord (fast responce) and from email (slow responce) if you have the transaction ID.
In the server.lua thera are some events that is remove the items/money and add items/money from players, you can easly add the events to add the money to your society there

Does this no longer apply since client code is encrypted ??

Refund please!!! :frowning:

wtf? if you have the unecrypted version you can still use it and adapt it to any framework. but you cant download it anymore, if you download it now you will download the encrypted version.
since escrow system come out i have editied the description and it says the client side is all locked.
if you bought it before escrow you should have the unecrypted, if you have bought it after escrow then the you have encrypted version like the description says

bro asked for a refund :rofl:

As per OP this isn’t based on GTA:Online, but rather he made it himself. Unfortunate false advertisement.

If you however are looking for a GTA:Online alternative feel free to try out (It’s completely free!) [QB] dc-slots

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hello, the script is based on GTA:ONLINE slot machine. why that is false advertisement? i said its based on gta online, i did not said its the same as gta online neither is made the same way.