[ESX,QB] AV Multicharacter [NFS Heat]

Preview: AV Multicharacter [NFS Heat] [Fivem Script] - YouTube
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  • Compatible with latest ESX and QBCore Frameworks.

  • You don’t need to wipe anything from your current players database.

  • You can create multiple scenes and give them different spawn locations and animations.

  • Players can select the scene they want and the vehicles to spawn with their character.

  • The UI source code is included (made with React).

  • This script uses Fivem Escrow protection in a really minimum portion of code to prevent leaks, all Framework related functions are exposed so you can make this script fully compatible with your server Framework and/or clothing script.

  • Here’s a list of the files you have full access: https://i.imgur.com/AmcdCOn.png

  • Dependencies: oxmysql, ox_lib, av_skills(optional), AV VIP (optional)

  • The interiors are from Gabz and they are NOT included.

Code is accessible 95% open
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +1,500
Requirements ox_lib, oxmysql and gabz maps
Support Yes

Hey ! A command for admin to add more slot for players is already inside ? ^^

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People in the tuner shop from gabz can they see players in the multicharacter selection?

Hi!, no they won’t see anything

Is there a way to get that working for esx 1.7.5? Because I dont think there is the exports event tho … :frowning:

The script was developed using latest ESX and QB versions, if there’s any difference between latest ESX and your current version, you will need to find them, all the Framework functions are open