[ESX/QB] 3x1 Advanced Lottery System v2 + Scratch & Win + Fortune Wheel


:dart: Framework Compatibility: Supports ESX and QB frameworks.

:iphone: Beautiful and Responsive UI: Enjoy a visually stunning and fully responsive user interface that enhances player experience.

:dart: TARGET or FLOATING LETTERS Compatibility: Choose your preferred interaction method for a seamless gaming experience.

:package: Inventory Compatibility: Works flawlessly with all inventory systems.

:trophy: Leaderboard System: Track and display the top players with our integrated leaderboard system. Free tickets are available once a day to keep players engaged.

:bar_chart: Discord Logs Monitoring: Keep everything under control with detailed logs sent directly to your Discord server.

:moneybag: Configurable Prizes: Customize the prize system to offer mixed rewards, money, or items, tailoring the experience to your server’s needs.

:hammer_and_wrench: Highly Advanced Config: Every aspect of the script is configurable, giving you the flexibility to adjust settings to your preference.

:game_die: Configurable Winning Possibilities: Set the winning probabilities to balance the game as you see fit.

:zap: Low Consumption: Enjoy a highly optimized script with minimal resource usage, ensuring smooth performance.

:ticket: Weekly Lottery: Host a weekly lottery with different types of tickets, each offering unique chances of winning.

:tada: Scratch and Win: Two exciting and fun scratch card games to keep players entertained.

:ferris_wheel: Advanced Wheel of Fortune: Spin the wheel for a chance to win amazing prizes!

Why Choose Our Advanced Lottery Script v2?

:video_game: Framework Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with both ESX and QB frameworks, ensuring broad usability.

:star2: Stunning UI: The beautiful and responsive interface enhances user engagement and server aesthetics.

:wrench: Highly Configurable: Customize every detail from prizes to probabilities, fitting the script perfectly to your server’s needs.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Player Engagement: Features like the leaderboard system and daily free tickets keep players coming back for more.

:bar_chart: Detailed Monitoring: Discord logs provide comprehensive oversight of all activities, enhancing your control.

:rocket: Optimized Performance: Designed to run efficiently with very low resource consumption.

:tada: Variety of Games: Weekly lottery, scratch cards, and the wheel of fortune offer diverse entertainment options.

:clapper: Preview: https://youtu.be/wKbttnt5aq8

:link: Purchase it on our Tebex store with discount now: https://codeforge.tebex.io/

Other SCRIPTS :point_down:

Code is accessible No (Config and UI yes)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) + 1000
Requirements ESX or QB
Support Yes (24/7)

Without a doubt, one of the best scripts of this kind. The most complete, with a beautiful and intuitive UI.

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v1 was already great but v2 is AMAZING, so many different options and the UI looks so dang good!

My players like the leaderboard, they stay gambling so they can be at the top of it :rofl:


Bro This V2 omg is lookin so cool


Amazing work!



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Thx for your comment

V1 was good but the V2 is awsome nice features and a stunning design keep up the good work :100:

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Thx Nukepug