Esx property (house, apartments, warehouse) for ox inventory


Property System for Ox inventory based on qtarget.

In the config, you can add as many property types as you want, you just need an interior (an underground shell or some IPL from GTA V.) The property system is based on the bucket system, (One interior = infinite properties). The system of locking and unlocking the property is set in the script, if the house is unlocked anyone can enter it and take your things and the like. NOTE: The property is automatically locked after the owner enters it. In property management, you can forcibly lock or unlock the property. Resmon 0.00ms.
Tebex Escrow Lock 20 EUR
Tebex Open Source 50 EUR

Code is accessible Only Config or Buy Open Source
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements ESX, ox_inventory, fivem-ipl or bob74_ipl
Support Yes


Nice release man !

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cool script mate, like it

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good job mate, nice script

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