Esx_policejob is not getting the player out of service

I have the policejob from here:

This thread has so much spam, that I cant read all 2K+ comments, and the search didnt come up with a result.
It seems that the callback is the correct one according to the esx_service documentation.
It looks like I am the only one with this problem.
While everything is fine, when the player gets their civilian clothes, the script wont let him out of service.

This is the part of the script in /client/main.lua line 99:

			if Config.EnableESXService then
				ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_service:isInService', function(isInService)
					if isInService then
						playerInService = false

						local notification = {
							title    = _U('service_anonunce'),
							subject  = '',
							msg      = _U('service_out_announce', GetPlayerName(PlayerId())),
							iconType = 1

						TriggerServerEvent('esx_service:notifyAllInService', notification, 'police')

						TriggerServerEvent('esx_service:disableService', 'police')
				end, 'police')

What am I missing here?