Esx_policejob help with door locks

Hello, I am using the esx policejob and i also have a script to lock doors in the PD, like cell doors and what not. Im having issues where my officers log off and when they log back on they dont have keys anymore to those doors and i have to set their job again. Anyone have this issue or had and knows a fix? thanks :slight_smile:

If you mean that they go off duty and the can’t lock/unlock, add in the line that specify the job the off duty job like that.
authorizedJobs = { ‘police’, ‘offpolice’},
or whatever u’ve put as offduty police officers

Well the thing is, we had that but it caused issues with not being to access any menus…so we took that out, so they are always on duty now. But if they log out and log back in, they dont have keys.