[ESX] Police MDT (PDA format)

When you look for the license plate, if all the description comes out and everything works correctly but nevertheless when I look for the name I do not get the option to choose the results of the names and see the file therefore I cannot advance

I am having the same issue

Please check if you have any error in console I think it’s related with your database users table.

I putt a version for ESX-LEGACY on his Github

Nice job

curious English translation ?

Not yet done, but you can make it yourself editing the html very easily.

When I put the MDT command and put a name, nothing comes out

tengo este problema tiene solucion?

pretty decent script I had to make some tweeks to make it work but it works good enough.

I used in the last version of my server , was perfect with done adjust

it works great, but how to edit the mdt language for your language? buttons labels and more?

opens up but freezes for me any ideas why

Hello can you help me please for the error with add the notes , i don’t have name in my users table database i have firstname and lastname … and i try to change it on the server.lua but it’s not working … thanks