Use this how you like.

I personally sell the packs at a “card shop”, and have it set so you craft specific groups of cards into badges, and then craft the badges into a trophy which players can sell for a high value.

This has been in use in my server for months “Leviathan Roleplay”.

example “recipes” will be included in RECIPES text file.

Download on GitHub


Your github link takes me to youtube lol

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Fixed, lol.

This puts Pokemon Go to shame.

In the SQL there is a typo on line 63

There is also an error on the last line. You need to remove the “,” and only leave the “;”

The image ninetales is misnamed. The image is saved as ninetails but needs changed to ninetales.

Also the item “boosterPack” back was left out of the sql

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This is so cool, Thankyou!

Spent way too much money on this in our city… Def would recommend!

Lol thanks, I’ll fix and push at some point tonight. This is a pretty early version I had saved.

Oh I understand! Just trying to help perfect it!

Lol appreciate the appreciation :slight_smile:

Fixed! ty

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best mod EVER

This is really nice, I’m a pokemon fan so will be usin this

mr_mime is listed in the sql as mr. mime but needs to be mr_mime


so you put packs into shops, you can open packs to get a card/cards then you use the cards to build badges? How close am I to the mark here? This sounds amazing, how do you build sets?

So question is this setup for player’s to be able to craft & build packs or nahhhh?

Scrap that i just read you have example “recipes” will be included in RECIPES text file.

ok so it looks like you need an additional resource for the crafting side of things, anyone have some recommendations?

Look on forum , there are plenty, crafting scripts, both free and paid :slight_smile: