ESX.Players & ESX.GetPlayerFromId


I put in my server a static ID for the users, but now, for the commands it’s the old system.

So my questions is… Is there a way to change the ID in those commands like “/setjob”, “/setgorup”…?


So, I’m kindof wondering where you’re going with this.

Whats your end goal?

To set the same number by id (than one that I have in DB) than by commands

Right now the number used commands is given when the player enter.

For example in DB my pj is ID 2 but ingame is 1 if I enter 1st, so the comand for give me a job is /setjob 1 police 4.

I would like to have it in this way /setjob 2 police 4, so the same ID for the job than in DB.

I get this. I understand it.

But as to why you want the ID of the row of information to be the ID of the person in game, is what I am struggling with.

The ID’s are assigned dynamically by the server in connection order to all players.

The ID in the DB is to store the row of information.

In the long run. What is your end goal?

Because if you continue down this path, making multiple characters or anything else is going to harder. And you will bw shooting yourself in the foot.

You’re essentially limiting the data to be record locked behind a number, and it just wont work out well for you.

Esx Scoreboard has a toggle if you need to see who is who by ID number. And there are plenty of resources to display that ID that is assigned to you upon joining.

Yeah, I was think that also, that that would be not so nice then >.< xD

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