{ESX} [PAID] zAdmin Ultimate ➥ The admin menu you've always wanted


The zAdmin is one of the most configurable admin menu ever made on the ESX framework.
For 2 years now I’m on FiveM, which gave me the opportunity to realize the real needs of RolePlay server admins. So I decided to create an admin menu that could answer exactly to their needs. Know that behind this menu there is an enormous work of reflexion.


You can purchase it from my Tebex store !


Very regular updates at the request of the users
➽ OneSync Infinity compatible
➽ Report system
➽ Optimized
➽ Create, edit ans assign rank directly from the game (instant refresh)
➽ Assign specific permissions to your ranks
➽ Intuitive interface
➽ Fully configurable
➽ Langs availables: FR, EN, DE, ES
➽ For devs, add your own buttons (for self or other player actions)
➽ Item finder

And more… See the showcase video !


0.00ms closed
0.40ms opened
0.80ms opened + all options active


We have an entire team ready to help you with the installation and resolution of potential bugs that may occur on our Discord.


Video (French): zAdmin Ultimate — Présentation & Installation - YouTube
Video (English): WIP


Main menu

Create and manage your ranks while server is running

Want to edit role permissions while server running ? It’s possible with zAdmin !

You can’t interact with yourself or someone with a higher role



I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it is really amazing.

I dropped the Tx menu and the other menus I had to focus on zAdmin.
Pablo is very responsive on updates!
Thanks Pablo, thanks zAdmin

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je l’ai acheter et il est tres bien je le conseille tres fortement

GG Pablo

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Un superbe Menu Admin, je l’ai acheter et je le recommande fortement !


@Yanis110 @JohnTimes English is required on the forums.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate!

Super admin menu frankly! :+1:

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66 Euros tho. Easy admin is free with 5 euros plugins? Sorry as video isn’t in english so not sure what different it is to easy admin how such a huge price jump can make up for it?

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I also think that 66€ for an admin Menu is a bit expensive.
EasyAdmin is Free and you can get all the plug-in for 15€ so if you could explain the main differences between your Admin Menu and EasyAdmin it could be interesting for your potential costumers.

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Hello @Lennya94, @VanghGod1

First of all, thank you for asking this question which is quite important.

It’s true that it’s a bit expensive 66 euros, I admit it. But there is a lot of work behind it, both in terms of optimization and reflection, to achieve this result. For me the big difference is based on the customization, absolutely everything is configurable, the developers of your servers can even add their own buttons if they want. On top of that, the big difference is really the in-game and live configuration: you can create, delete, modify ranks while the server is running, and every player will receive the update instantly. There is also the permission system: you can add or remove specific permissions for a rank (always in-game and with an instant update) very easily through the in-game interface. And most importantly, the permission system is designed like Discord, a rank X will not be able to interact with users of higher ranks in the player list.

On the other hand it is important to remember that this menu has been created especially for RolePlay servers running on the ESX framework, it is not standalone and it is precisely the fact that it is designed perfectly for RolePlay servers that makes the difference with EasyAdmin. I also do a lot of updates on it every week to add features that users ask me for. (At the moment, there are 30 customers all satisfied)

But for me, the big difference is in the code, having a lot of experience with programming in FiveM, I used in this script all the latest technologies offered by FiveM. (It’s also thanks to this that the menu runs at 0.00ms when it’s fully closed).

And concerning the English version of the presentation video, I’m desperately waiting to find an English speaking person willing to sacrifice an hour to make the video for me but so far I’ve only had rejections :confused:

Anyway, thank you very much for your comments, unlike some posts I saw, they were very respectful.

If you have any other questions, I am of course at your disposal.
Have a nice day,

Here a screenshot of the permissions customisation menu

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This has answered everything I was thinking about. Thank you for the response and not taking it the wrong way. I will be for sure be getting this at some point. Thanks again mate

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I’m sorry but I still don’t understand the price. You said the main differences are in the in-game perms and configuration.

But I have to tell you. EasyAdmin do the same thing and you can even set convars in-game, ace perms too.

The team is also still developping the menu.
Compatible with qb-core and some other stuff.
You can make people lag. Or even crash. (Which is quite fun).

Once again I respect the hours behind the work you put in it. But definitily not going to spend so much on this resource.

I wish you Merry Christmas and good luck for your future sales :heart:

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zAdmin Ultimate is now standalone !

Screenshot - db6c6121522119410090eb11003c7f03 - Gyazo Bonjour je suis interesser par le Menu Admin mais je n’arrive pas a allez sur le shop pour l’acheter pouvez vous m’aider s’il vous plait

Hello, the webstore link changed
Now available at: https://pablo1610.tebex.io

super merci beaucoup :wink: