[ESX] [PAID] - Scrap Job

Hello this time I bring a scrap script, you can use it for server roleplays.

I will give some examples:

  1. Material for weapons.
  2. Material for Craft.

Everything is optimized, you can change items and locations!
Feel free to modify!



You can buy it: Here.


Nice release almost all what i wanted, but is there way to add like more than one zone? and if i can then do player need to contact that npc or you can just do that anyone can just press e to salvage those scrap?

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Hello! You can add unlimited zones! And yes, to pick up the objects you must speak to the NPC :slight_smile:

But is there no way to disable talking to npc? (I mean i probably will be able to if i change a code a lil bit but still no configuration to it?)
And another question is items that i salvage are random and random quantity?

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Yes, it has no automatic function to do, just change a few lines of code and it will be available without talking to the NPC. Yes, the items you choose!

Thanks! I will sure add this script to my list what to buy!

Very cool! Been on the look out for something like this, glad to see it!

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o ze moina paga bem ou nao?

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Opa paga o que quiseres o zé moina :rofl: