[ESX][PAID-RELEASE] Hobo's Development: "Cuban Cigars V3"

Hey everyone, Hobo’s Development would love to invite you in on our new script! This is a complete rewrite of Cuban Cigars which demands a new post!

What is this script?

Cuban Cigars V3 offers tons and tons of RP possibilities. This script takes making Cuban cigars to the next level. It allows players to place; dryers, rolling tables, and packaging tables anywhere on the map!

Do you have a video of it?

Why yes of course! If you click me you can watch the video!

Does this save in the database?

Yes! This script saves every table/dryer in the database so whether the script is restarted or a player logs in anyone can see the tables/dryers. The drying leaves does not save but that’s because it’s not meant to dry leaves for large amounts of time!

Can anyone use any of the tables/dryers?

Yes, anyone can use the dryers/tables. All of it is synced with players on the server! Also if anyone logs in that it also syncs with them as well!

Does this have Discord logs?

Yes, almost all my scripts come with logs! All log configurations can be set up in the server file!

** What the features?**

  • Highly Configurable
  • Selling
  • Picking
  • Processing
  • Discord Logs
  • Exploit Free
  • Optimized
  • Usable Items
  • 3D Markers
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Placeable Tables
  • Saves Everything to Database
  • Much More!

Where can I buy this?

You can buy it by looking at my store or you can go straight to the product by clicking on me!

This Script Was Made By Hobo’s Development And Is Only Sold By Hobo’s Development

wicked, looks cool i was wanting something like this to have a weed trimming system…
how configurable is highly configurable?
would i be able to edit the code or is this encrypted?