[ESX][PAID-RELEASE] Hobo's Development: "Bunker Heist"

This is my brand new robbery! It has tons of content and requires some preparation to rob! It’s my biggest robbery yet and has tons of features!

What is this script?
This script is a Military Bunker Heist that requires some preparation before starting! It has 113 synced crate pickups between clients! This script has tons of potential to be the biggest robbery on the map!

What version of ESX is this made for?
This is made for all versions as it has a Config for older or newer ESX versions!

Do you have a video of the script?
Yes, here is the video demo of the whole script! It is very long due to it having so much content and it being in-depth! Bunker Heist Video Demo

How much does it cost and why?
This script is currently up for sale at $15! The reason for it being such a big price is due to the amount of work put in to make this and perfect it! Not only that but it has tons and tons of configs to make it special for your server! You also get all future updates when providing your tebex transaction id!


  • Discord Logs
  • Usable Items
  • Smart sync which allows it to double-check the synced pickups
  • Tons of content
  • Preparation
  • In-depth selling
  • Tons of Configs
  • Caddys to drive in the bunker
  • Constantly Updated
  • Huge Robbery
  • Police can talk to robbers without being shot
  • Multiple job access
  • Smart exit that allows people to exit bunker at all times in case of no robbery in progress
  • Uses props instead of a map
  • Huge Optimization for huge robbery

Where can I buy this?
You can either go to my Tebex Store and see all my other scripts as well or you can go straight to the Package!


Discord Log Examples:

Future things to be added:

  • Synced guards to shoot upon entry to the bunker
  • More crate pickup locations and maybe a Big Crate that offers more value

If you need any support you can contact me in here by dm or on discord :slight_smile: , have a great day!


great script … already finish 17min to see your video haha


I like it, only one question. ¿its not too much 33mb from stream?

33mb is just for all the animations and props being loaded!

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ok, so if I don’t use so many it will decrease the size.

It auto loads them when the script starts

hi, do you create a logs of server chat ?