Vivid Infobar is a highly customizable information bar with all the informations you’ll ever need. This includes group, name, server id, online player count, date and time. The bar will show at the top of your screen if you type /bar in the chat (the command is also customizable in config.lua), or turn “display on join” to true in the config.


  • ESX


  • Shows: Group, Name, Server ID, Online Player Count, Date And Time
  • Clean, minimalistic design
  • Customizable command
  • Optimized performance (0.00 - 0.01ms)
  • Highly configurable


Drag & drop vivid-infobar into your resources folder.

Closer look at the infobar:




Update 1 (v1.1 - 01.01.22)

  • Added version checker
  • Added display on join feature
  • Added better config

Update 2 (v1.2 - 01.04.22)

  • Source code now downloadable

TEBEX Purchase [€3.57]

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Very nice . Definitly will buy it


svadhesive] You lack the required entitlement to use infobar
[ citizen-server-impl] Couldn’t start resource infobar.

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Hi! Update your server artifact to the latest version.

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is it possible to just have the bar load when loading in the server rather than using a command?

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You can’t edit the code because of the obfuscation, so no. That will come in the next update. You have to wait for the update, sorry.

The update is finished, you can download the updated version from your keymaster.

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Put in the new updated version (downloaded 20 minutes prior to this post). Deleted the previous version, cleared server cache, and restarted.

Now, when loading in, I get this:

which is a result, I would imagine, of this:

(this is only half of the spam, the rest is exactly the same)

This is to show what I’ve edited in the config file:


I’m sorry about that. On my server it works perfectly fine. What artifact are you using? And please show me you server.cfg.

I’m using 4960

Then that has to be a problem on your end. On my, and all my customers’ servers it works fine. Sorry about that.

i need source code i buy and i need to put my cfx

Where to download the open source version, I have always reported an error