[ESX][PAID] MBC Joblister - lib

Are you tired of doing ESX.GetPlayers() to check if you have enough cops to start your robbery?

Your script that sends a message to all Medics clogs your server?

Say no more! This super lightweight resource gives you a powerful export:


that gives you a list of all the players (sources) that have a specific job.


  • ESX


  • Server side export to reduce the server side load.

Some nerdy stuff

  • Reduces server-side computation complexity to get all players of a given job from O(N) to O(1).
  • Removes overhead from ESX.GetPlayerFromId to check a source for his job.

Where to buy
Tebex 4.99€ + taxes

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Very nice, i have it on my server

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you didn’t do it!! stole linden’s code


People doing ESX.GetPlayers() are idiots, either because they’re using ESX 1.1 or think moving to Legacy from v1 Final will somehow blow up their server.

That old xPlayer loop method is deprecated and replaced with ESX.GetExtendedPlayers which lets you actually “GetPlayersFromJob”. Otherwise it takes 3 events to maintain a basic table with just player ids in a job.

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Don’t make accusations you can’t backup; I doubt it anyway.

dont you call me an idiot you idiot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated with the new escrow system!