[ESX] [Paid] GMD_Loadingscreen Completely adjustable via JS, MP4,MP3 and Picture support

What is this :question:

This is a fully customizable loading screen.
All important changes you can do via. Config.js HTML,CSS and JS knowledge is not urgently needed.
You want more changes? Its Open Source! Feel free and do it when you have the knowledge.

Info :information_source:



  • Complete OpenSource
  • Adjustable via Config.js
  • enable/disable Steam,Dots,Loadingtext…
  • Use MP4 or PNG,JPG Background
  • Snow Feature for Xmas time
  • Start volume adjustable 0.0-1.0
  • Multiple styles selectable
  • Loads until you spawn (no more ugly fivem bridge)


Pictures from Config.js


You will find the script on 25.09.2022 in the my store, I will test for the time being still something and write the Wiki.

We sell the script through tebex.
You can buy the script here (4.99€ with tax)

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Round 1220
Requirements ESX
Support Yes

damn that looks fine.

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looking good my friend

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