[ESX][PAID] Garage System

About The Script

  • ESX based Garage with an unique Design and Features.
  • The script is intended for RP servers but can be used for any type of server.


  • You can either park-in or park-out own able vehicles.
  • You can give each vehicle a unique nickname.
  • You can set each car as a Favorite.
  • You can filter cars by Favorites.
  • You can Search car by model, plate or nickname.
  • multiple park-out points (more can added in the config)
  • Responsive & unique UI.


  • The script is user-friendly.
  • For now, there is only one version in German Language
  • As for configuration, every detail can be changed in the config.lua file.


  • ESX
  • MySQL Async

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such a great script! absolutely love it!

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Does this script save the vehicle’s state? Engine, Bodywork, Doors, Tire? Fuel?

Yes all Vehicle Properties are getting saved.

#STOLEN in all ways GG

How is this stolen?

Are you saving the broken vehicle? Flat tires, broken glass?

Is this script code confused and IP binding?

Nope. No IP- lock and no obfuscation

Does it have a point to get the vehicles back if destroyed or impounded?

This garage have impound ? thank you!