[ESX][PAID] B - Garage & Impound (integrated) (Nice, Clean & Responsive UI)


• Custom, Modern, Clean & Responsive UI
• Low ms
• Impound integrated

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Config (1)
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• 20€


Tebex (20€)

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looks like a cool script! nice release.

you got a typo in the title btw

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Hi, nice I like it but where is the impound is it possible to get a view of this?

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Thanks for the hint haha

In the video you can see the impound, that’s the red button where it says Restore Car. This is like a garage & impound in one UI & position.

The script is great, but it can have more features like a private garage , a job garage or house garage

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We’ll be bringing out an update soon so that you can do a single garage for each job

good scripts

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Whats the DB structure? just checking plausibility for working with existing dataset

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You only need stored instead of state in the owned_vehicles table

Doesn’t mention Escrow system is used

is the vehicle data section the same as esx_advanced-garage?

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My vehicles do not save the tunning and neither do the damages :frowning:

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I have bought your garage script, I have configured everything but vehicle damage and tunes are not saving. How do I solve it?

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So is there an issue with saving?

The tuning is saved.