[ESX] [PAID] At0m Solid Hud

[ Features ]:

  • Health, armor, hunger, thirst, stamina
  • Built in notifications
  • Seatbelt, cruise control, light indicator
  • Highly configurable → language, serverName, commandName, buttons …
  • Everything will be saved in localstorage!
  • Street name/Time_Date
  • Voice indicator
  • Weapon indicator
  • Money indicator
  • There are two different styled status and speedometer
  • Changeable Theme

[ Video ]: Preview Video

[ Images ]:

Code is accessible Optional
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1500
Requirements No Requirements
Support Yes

[ Prices ]:

Escrowed Version | 10€8.89€ | [Tebex]

Open Source Version | 15€12.70€ | [Tebex]

Shop | [Tebex]


It’s literally perfect! The best I’ve ever seen!

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

I also can recommend to buy this script! I have no issue with that and the design is beautiful!

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This look really good tbh

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Thank you very much

i suggest add stress system

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I wrote you in private how to get access to the ui. But you should read the readme.md file