{ESX} [PAID] aStaffMode ➥ the opportunity to have a revolutionary tool for your FiveM server

I apologize for my English, I used DeepL to translate.

Hello everyone, I am happy to present you my resource

Explanatory notes :

The aStaffMode resource was designed for your FiveM servers, we give you the opportunity to have a revolutionary tool for your FiveM server.

Buy :
To subscribe to the resource please go here Subscribe aStaffMode !
You can purchase it from Purchased aStaffMode !

Info :
The resource is in French, if I see that there are a lot of people who would like to have it, I will make translations, The only file you have access to is config.lua where you can add a license to have access, add ranks ad infinitum, and modify permissions, and webook.

Features :
➽ Separate player and staff management.
Sent an In-game message.
Freeze the player.
Spectate the player. (When you perform this action, you will hear the players talking.).
Actions on the player (Revive & Heal).
Teleporting (About yourself, About him).
SetJob & SetJob2.
Refunds (cash, bank, black_money, items, weapon, ammunition) possibility to remove the player’s money.
View the inventory (Deleted an Item, Deleted an Weapon, Add/Remove Ammunition).
Warns (Add/Remove Warn, See the warnings, Modify the warnings already added).
History Ban (See the ban of the player in question, Delete ban, Ban a player).
Change group (Add a player as a Staff (mod, admin, superadmin, etc...)).
Le système de contrôle du personnel en jeu a été entièrement repensé (In-game => /help // Console /consolehelp).
System Logs : Each action performed, a different webook (for example : Ban, Warnings, Heal, Revive, etc...).
Carryover System : A player can report another player, a staff can see the reports and delete them.
Management of the Bans : This category is very important, you can unban a player, this avoids asking your founder to unban him.
Myself : Show names, NoClip, Show Blips, Super Jump, Super Speed, Invincible(Anti-Carkill), Teleport to the Marker, Delete vehicles, Delete PNJ,Objects,etc.
➽ The [aStaffMode] resource is secure if you don’t declare your license in the config.lua, you will be banned.
➽ OneSync Infinity compatible.
➽ Compatible ESX.

Performance :
0.00ms closed.
0.35ms opened.
0.60ms opened + all options active

Support :
Our entire team is ready to fix and correct any potential bugs that may arise. Join the Discord platform to get help.

Video (French): aStaffMode : Administration tools for fivem GTAV servers

CFX Formality :
Code is accessible : The only accessible code config.lua.
Subscription-based : Purchase.
Requirements : es_extended v1 or Legacy.
Support : After sales service ticket on discord.


Nice script but a little expensive

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Agreed , doesn’t stand out from EA and TX

Hello, indeed the price is a little excessive, but you must know that it is a paying resource and in view of what I propose that your blows really, a tool of administration of this type is revolutionary for the current FiveM servers.

Thank you for posting a review, because it helps me a lot your opinions.

I would like to know what the meanings are EA and TX ?

Easy Admin and TX Admin

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Update :
I am in the process of translating the resource, so that it is accessible to all, that is, the resource was released yesterday, but it is still being updated with your suggestions.

Soon... EN..

Update :
Good evening to all, I announce a subscription system for the resource, but you can also buy it, for the translation it is still in progress, thank you for your understanding.